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Fixed Fee Divorce & Civil Partnership Dissolution

We can act for you in divorce or dissolution proceedings for a fixed fee. You will know exactly how much you will have to pay.

N.B. You may be entitled to fee remission so that you do not have to pay all or some of the court fees

What work do we do for the fixed fee?

1. The first payment by you gives you a fixed fee consultation with us.
2. We will write to you and the other side or their solicitors about the divorce.
3. We will draft the divorce or dissolution documentation:


  • Divorce or dissolution petition
  • Statement of Arrangements for Children
  • Reconciliation Certificate
  • Application for decree nisi or conditional order
  • Statement in support of Petition
  • Application for Decree Absolute or Final Order


  • Acknowledgement of Service

4. Checking Court papers:

  • Certificate of Entitlement to a decree
  • Decree Nisi or Conditional Order
  • Decree Absolute or Final Order

What work is not included in the fixed fee?

  1. If you are a Petitioner and the Respondent defends the action we do not include the costs and expenses of acting for you in defending the divorce or dissolution proceedings. We would let you know how much it would cost to act where the Respondent defends and agree a fee with you.
  2. The court will usually serve the divorce or dissolution papers on your spouse or civil partner by post but sometimes it is necessary to ask for personal service by a duly appointed court officer. If this is necessary there will be additional costs that we will let you know and agree with you how much it will cost if applicable.
  3. If it is necessary for us to amend the original petition filed with the court. You may, for example, wish to add further details of unreasonable behaviour to your original statement.
  4. If you are the Respondent, the costs of applying to the Court on notice for Decree Absolute or Final Order where the Petitioner does not do so.
  5. If we have to attend to issues relating to property, finances, domestic violence or children, including any hearings ordered by the Court.
  6. The fee charged by the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages or church for a certified copy of your marriage or civil partnership certificate
  7. The cost of obtaining a certified translation of your marriage or civil partnership certificate, if it is not in English.
  8. The cost involved in locating your spouse or civil partner if you do not know where he or she is living.
  9. Applications for deemed or substituted service of the Petition or to omit your address from the Petition.
  10. Representation at Court in relation to the divorce or dissolution. This is very rarely necessary.
  11. Enforcing an order for costs against your spouse or civil partner.
  12. Defending a claim for costs made against you by your spouse or civil partner.

What if I decide not to go ahead with the divorce or dissolution?

In those circumstances we would charge you for all work and disbursements incurred until that point on a stage basis as per the details below. Your bill for the divorce or dissolution will not be more than the fixed fee and may be less than the total fixed fee.

What if my spouse or civil partner is ordered to pay my costs?

If your spouse or civil partner complies with any order for costs, any costs recovered and paid to us will be deducted from the fixed fee payable to us. If it is necessary for us to carry out work to enforce an order for costs against your spouse or civil partner, this is not covered by the fixed fee and we will have to agree a sum with you to cover the costs of the additional work.

What if there is a dispute about property, finances, domestic violence or children?

Hadaway & Hadaway has a very experienced team of solicitors who regularly handle disputes in family matters. Fixed fees will be offered to you for each piece of work, so that our costs are transparent and the stages that you will be billed are known by you in advance.

Please note that even if you and your spouse agree between you the terms of a financial arrangement, we will need to prepare documentation leading to either a Consent Order or a Deed of Separation in appropriate and binding terms. We can also do so on a fixed fee basis.

Additional costs may be incurred if we need to do any conveyancing work but this can be done on a fixed fee basis agreed between our property department and you before any work is carried out.

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