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Why will registration is the way forward for peace of mind…

For many years solicitors and others in the industry have voiced their opinion that there should be a national wills register to avoid the problems caused when a will cannot be located after someone’s death, or when the relatives do not even know if a will is in existence at all.  In a recent survey, 67% of people did not know the location of their parents’ wills.  If the will cannot be located at the time of a person’s death then their estate will instead pass under the standard rules of intestacy which often does not accord with the person’s wishes.

Certainty has now introduced a National Wills Register which is used by thousands of solicitors across the UK to register the location of a person’s will.  It includes the facility for the register to be searched to find the location of a particular person’s will.  This means that should the location of a will be forgotten over the passage of time or be unknown for some other reason, such as a person having relocated out of the area, the national register can be searched to find its location.  This offers peace of mind that your will can be easily located and your estate will be distributed in accordance with your wishes and not under the intestacy rules.

We can arrange for your will to be registered on the National Wills Register for the reduced cost of £20 inclusive VAT saving you over 30% on the usual price.

Please contact our Asset Protection Department for further details on 0191 272 9065 or visit the Certainty website using the following link http://www.certainty.co.uk/

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