Housing advice – how to get free legal help in court


If you are facing repossession or eviction, make sure you attend your court hearing to increase your chances of keeping your home. Free legal representation is available in court on the day.

Get free legal advice on the day of your court hearing

You can get free legal advice and representation in court on the day of your hearing under the Housing Possession Court Duty Scheme. The scheme can be a source of last minute help if you haven’t received legal advice before the hearing. It is provided in county courts in England and Wales.

You can get help, whatever your financial situation, if you are either:

a tenant facing eviction

a mortgage holder, including holders of second mortgages, facing repossession

The scheme provides you with a specialist adviser on the day of your hearing who can:

give you free legal advice on your case

represent you at the hearing

help you explain to the judge why you haven’t made your mortgage or rent payments

help you negotiate an arrangement with your mortgage lender or landlord to pay off your debts

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